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Laci, Speech-Language

Memories Inspire Scholarship for Math and Science

Bill and Marcia Poston 19611961-- was a very good year. Gas cost 31 cents per gallon, a new chevy fully loaded cost $2,529 and tuition at Iowa State Teachers College (now UNI) was $220 per semester.

For William Poston and Marcia Bottorff it was not only a very good year, but a year of memorable milestones. These college sweethearts graduated from Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC) and married the same year.

Bill says, "I came to ISTC in 1959 with little in the way of resources so I depended heavily upon campus jobs to support my needs for tuition, books and board. I held five jobs during my senior year. I also carried a heavy load in science and student-taught math, biology and physical science at the Lab School. I have no complaints, because to this day, Marcia and I still value the wonderful education we received at the university."

Both Bill and Marcia enjoyed successful careers in education and remain active in their profession. Marcia taught school for a time and later returned home to raise their two daughters. Bill taught math and science until he completed graduate school and then went into administration. He served as a principal and assistant superintendent in the largest district in Arizona. After serving 15 years as a superintendent in both Arizona and Montana, the Postons returned to Iowa where Bill completed his career as a professor at Iowa State University retiring in 2005.

Bill and Marcia Poston on a train "We know there is a shortage of math and science teachers in Iowa and elsewhere," says Bill. "We know firsthand how difficult it is to obtain a solid education with adequate financial resources. Moreover, we also cherish living in Iowa and we wanted to give something back in partial payment for the wonderful education and opportunities the state of Iowa has provided for us. It only seemed natural that we set up a scholarship fund for Iowa students who are majoring in math and science education and who have limited financial resources. Those criteria mirror our own experiences."

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