"Without funding from the Graduate College I would not have been able to attend a national conference"

Dan, Chemistry

Call Center Students Model Philanthropy

Call Center studentsThe UNI Panther Call Center competed in an event called “Project Hope,” a competition between all the RuffaloCODY master’s sites to determine which call center can raise the most money for a charitable cause. Each student- caller makes a personal donation.

For the second year in a row, the UNI Panther Call Center has won Project Hope. This is quite an accomplishment as our 12-station Call Center competes against universities such as Carnegie-Mellon, University of Florida, etc., which have over 100 call stations. UNI’s student-callers (approximately 30 along with the director, Jake Muszynski) gave $1,119 to benefit a five-year-old boy named Josh who is battling a brain tumor. Josh and his mom, Karen, are featured in the photo with the check they were given during a recent Call Center potluck.

Student callers strengthen ties to alumni, parents and friends. The UNI Panther Call Center is an important part of the UNI Annual Fund.

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