"More than 85 percent of our students rely on some type of financial aid."

Bill Calhoun

Frequently Asked Questions


UNI Foundation Mission:  The UNI Foundation grows and sustains private resources and builds relationships to support the University of Northern Iowa, its students, faculty, staff and programs.

UNI Foundation Facts

  • What is the UNI Foundation?
  • Why is the Foundation separate from the University of Northern Iowa?
  • Who governs the Foundation?
  • What services does the Foundation provide for UNI?
  • How does the Foundation invest the gifts it receives?
  • How much does the Foundation spend to raise and manage its money?
  • Can the public see how the Foundation spends its funds?
  • Does the Foundation make grants?

UNI Foundation Fundraising

  • Why does a state university need private support?
  • How do UNI students benefit from the funds raised by the UNI Foundation?
  • Who sets the fundraising priorities?
  • Why do I get requests for contributions more than once a year?
  • What is the difference between the request I get from the Annual Fund and the one I get from the Alumni Association?

Types of Gifts

  • What is the difference between a restricted and an unrestricted gift?
  • How do I direct my gift to a college, department, or program of my choice?
  • Where does my contribution go if I don't direct it toward a specific fund?
  • What is an endowment?
  • Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?
  • How do I participate in a matching gift program?

Methods of Making a Gift

  • How can I make a gift of cash to the UNI Foundation?
  • Can I give online?
  • What are other ways of making a gift to the UNI Foundation?
  • Can someone at the UNI Foundation help me arrange a gift that requires some financial planning?
  • Is my gift to the UNI Foundation tax-deductible?
  • How do I include UNI in my will or trust?
  • I have more questions about giving - whom do I contact?

Stewardship of your Gift to the UNI Foundation

  • What does the Foundation do with the gifts it receives?
  • How does the Foundation make sure that the funds it receives are spent for the purposes intended by donors?
  • How are student scholarship recipients chosen?
  • What information does the UNI Foundation provide about its operations?
  • How is the Foundation funded?
  • Who audits the Foundation books?
  • What is the Foundation's Tax Identification Number?
















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